3 Ways to Enhance Energy Savings

There’s plenty of tips on the Internet when it comes to saving energy in your home, but a lot of them involve buying expensive hardware or appliances in order to be energy efficient. If you’re not ready to kick in a couple thousand dollars in order to make your home energy efficient, there are some easy ways that you can enhance the energy efficiency of your home and bring in the savings.

Turn Fans Off

If you use fans in your home, then turn them off whenever you leave the room. Did you know that fans do not cool the air in your home? They keep individuals comfortable by blowing the air that is already in the room onto their skin. When you turn off the fan, you’re making sure that you’re not wasting unnecessary energy.

Close the Drapes/Shades

Another way that you can enhance the energy savings in your home is by keeping the drapes or shades closed during the day when the sun is shining. Sunlight tends to heat the home when it is let in, so if you want the home cooler than you need to let in as little sunlight as possible. You don’t have to live in a vampire’s lair, but you should make sure to filter the light so that it doesn’t warm your home too much.

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Use Cold Water

Cold water is one of the most efficient things to use in the home. Ask any 24 hour electrician in Spokane, WA, and they’ll tell you that hot water needs to be heated which requires energy, so washing your clothes and using cold water when you use the faucet are two ways to save energy in your home. Whenever you can help it, use cold water to see the savings.

Do you three easy ways of enhancing your energy savings can make your next electricity bill look dramatically different.